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Department of Humanities

The Department of Humanities, is an old department introduced since the inception of the college. The department is successfully imparting knowledge in diverse subjects to the students to make them more competitive so that they can face the challenges not only in technical field but also in other fields effectively. The main subjects are being taught by the department are Principles of Management, Economics, English and Communication skills, Organizational Behavior, Sociology, Accountancy and so on. These subjects are given equal importance by all the branches. The curriculum of the courses has been framed in such a manner so that it meets the requirement of each department. It is noticed that the students irrespective of branches are very much enthusiastic to learn these subjects and gather knowledge to apply in their respective fields so that they can face the national challenges on one hand and take part in new innovation through full utilization of available natural and human resources on the other.

The department in having four faculty members. The faculty members are highly qualified and well experienced in teaching and research. All the faculty members have Ph D degrees.