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Assam Engineering College,the first and the oldest engineering college of North-East India,has loaded in it all the necessary and utmost important facilities and has been producing students of ignited engineering minds who are presently spread through out the globe. Since its establishment, Assam Engineering College has remarked its position by the development of library,computer centre,multi disciplinary centre, hostels, canteen, Bank & PO, health and bus service. Assam Engineering College Library includes not only books belonging to individual engineering branches but also includes various magazines,newspaper,thesis papers, etc. By the development of library facilities, Students are being focussed to every fields(e.g.literary,competitive entrance minded,etc) and there by concentrating on social development. Students of Assam Engineering College now don't need to go outside the college for internet surfing. They Have their own computer center inside the college where they can surf on internet of their own.For quality development, students are trained at Multi Disciplinary Centre where focus is mainly put on interactive quality of each and every student and these finally help in their placement at campus interview. Through the time,students are facilitated hostels for students residing outside Guwahati as well as minor seats for local students also. Nine hostels have been built with all necessary and hygienic facilities where there are seven boys hostels for under graduate students,one for girls students of every section(under graduate,post graduate and MCA students) and the last one is post graduate hostel for boys. Similarly, fingers of developments have also fallen on college canteen, Bank & PO plus instant ATM facilities,health service and bus service.Newly built Assam Engineering College canteen and also availability of instant Hospital facility are remarkable and symbols of modernisation. For every students of Assam Engineering College,AEC buses run from different locations of guwahati mainly ganeshguri, beltola, chandmari and church field to AEC.