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Civil Engineering

Department of Civil Engineering

The Department of Civil engineering, established in 1955, was the first branch introduced in this college. The department boasts of highly qualified faculty and well-equipped labs for field work.The annual intake capacity is 90 students per semester in B.E. degree course and 25 students in the M.E. degree course. This department also offers a Ph.D. degree in Soil Mechanics & Hydraulics. However, it has a variable intake.
To have complete synergy between teaching and learning for producing civil engineers, who are competent and socially responsible to contribute to the sustainable development of the state, the region and the nation, with global perspective.
1) To provide state-of-the-art teaching and learning environment where students can solve problems related to civil engineering.

2) To generate excellent human resource in civil engineering through integration of research, innovation and sustainable technology in the learning domains of under-graduate and post-graduate education.

3) To make students capable of designing sustainable solutions for engineering challenges.

4) To develop researchers and regional leaders in the field of civil engineering by serving as a knowledge hub for the society through continuing education, professional program and innovative consultation.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

1) To produce competent, smart and efficient civil engineering graduates capable of executing civil engineering works with planning, design, construction and project management capabilities.
2) To develop competency in the civil engineering under-graduates to analyze and formulate sustainable solutions of civil engineering and allied problems using the principles of applied mathematics, science and basic engineering tools.
3) To train the civil engineering under-graduates to understand the origin, working principles, and outcomes of civil engineering and allied projects from parts to whole, in terms of technology, economy, sustainability, social and environmental aspects.
4) To encourage inquisitiveness and innovation in the under-graduate and post-graduate students to motivate them for lifelong learning and higher studies or research in civil engineering and allied disciplines.
5)To instill confidence, professional responsibilities and ethical sense in the under-graduate and post-graduate civil engineering students, so that they can take significant and leading roles for development of the state, the region and the nation


The Laboratory facilities include the Laboratories of Soil mechanics, Hydraulics, Strength of material, Transportation, Environmental, Survey store and CAD center.

Course Curriculum

The department offers both Undergraduate and Postgraduate (soil mechanics, flood control and water management) courses. The specialization exams in the U. G. course are Geo-technical Engineering, Hydraulic Mechanics, Water Power Engineering, Advance Geology., Environment Engineering, Traffic Engineering, Remote Sensing and Surveying, Planning and CAD. The course also includes site visits for final and pre-final year students for imparting practical knowledge.