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Chemical Engineering

Department of Chemical Engineering

The Chemical Engineering Department was started in 1963 and has an annual intake capacity of 60 students for B.E. degree course. It is the only department in the whole of North-East India, besides IIT Guwahati, offering an under-graduate course in Chemical Engineering. The department also possesses specially equipped laboratories for students which are recognized by Gauhati University for research work in Chemical Engineering leading to a Ph. D. degree under the University. The Department aims to meet the growing need for well-qualified chemical engineer who will meet the expanding industry’s requirements in design, manufacturing and marketing segments.


The department possesses well built experimental set-ups for Undergraduate laboratories which are summarized as follows: Fluid Mechanics Lab, Mass Transfer Lab, Heat Transfer Lab, Energy Lab, Petroleum Laboratory, Instrumentation Laboratory, Computer laboratory, Technical Analysis Laboratory, Reaction Engineering Lab.
Course Curriculum
The department offers classes in the following topics - Process Calculations, Mass Transfer Operations, Fundamentals of Chemical Engineering, Process Dynamics & Control, Chemical Engg Thermodynamics, Chemical Reaction Engineering, Petroleum Refining & Petrochemicals, Transport Phenomena, Fluid Flow Operation, Process Equipment Design, Heat Transfer Operation, Polymer Science & Engineering, Material Science & Corrosion Engineering, Chemical Process Industries, Chemical Engineering Drawing, Energy Engineering, Mechanical Operations, Process Utilities, Process Instrumentation, Biochemical Engineering, Process Engg Economics& Optimisation, Advanced Separation Techniques, Fluidization Engineering, Environmental Pollution Control Engineering, Chemical Process Design & Drawing, Petroleum Production Technology (Elec-III), Mathematical Modeling & Simulation, Environmental Impact Assessment(Elec-IV), Safety in Chemical Industries (Elec-IV), Risk Analysis & Hazops, Alternative Energy Resources(Elec-IV).