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Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar

January –December 2017


2 January


Even Semester classes start

4-7 January


Form fill-up: Even semester compt. Examination

13-16 January


Magh Bihu vacation

21-24 January


College Week

25 January


College foundation day

27-30 January


Class Test-I

15-18 February



21Feb-25 March


Even Semester Compartmental examination

                    27-29 March  

 Class Test -II

13-16 April


Bohag Bihu vacation

                             25 April

  Last date for submission of answerscripts of even semester compartmental eaxamination
                       28-29 April  

Class Test-III


                       6 May

   Submission of 'Clearance' to the Office

8-13 May


Form fill-up: Even semester regular examination

13 May


Even semester classes end

15-24 May


Laboratory examinations

26 May-13 June


Even semester regular examination

16 June-17 June


Final year project submission and Viva-voce examination

20 June-19 July


Summer Vacation

              15 July

   Last date for submission of answerscripts of even sem regular examination

20 July


Odd semester classes start

21-25 July


College admission for BE 3rd, 5th, 7th and PG students

27-29 July


Form fill-up: Odd semester compt. Examination

                   11,12 August    Class Test-I

18 Aug-20 Sept


Odd semester compt.  Examination

22-23 Sept


Class Test II

26-30 Sept


Puja vacation

                      16,17 Oct   Class Test-III
                        23 Oct   Last date for Submission of answerscripts of odd semester Compartmental examination

3 Nov


Submission of ‘clearance’ to the office

6-10 Nov


Form fill-up: Odd semester regular examination

11 Nov


Odd semester classes end

13-18 Nov


Laboratory examination

23 Nov-10 Dec


Odd semester regular examination

13-14 Dec


7th semester project submission and viva-voce examination

15 Dec-31 Dec


Winter break

             12 January 2018     Last date for submission of answerscripts of odd sem regular examination


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